Custom full length desk with bookshelves

Our custom, full-length underbed desk is available in the same custom length options as our beds. If you opt to add on our full-length underbed desk, then it will be custom built to match the width of your chosen bed. For example, if you order a 178cm bed, we will custom create a 178cm desk to fit perfectly underneath. All furniture is constructed from Scandinavian pine with a solid white finish, with the strength and durability to meet the toughest of lifestyles.
Choosing a loft bed and adding a desk underneath is a great way to create two functional spaces using the same floor space. This maximises every square inch of space you have in your kids room, providing a comfortable bed, desk, and storage space. As well as being custom-built to fit your chosen bed length, our custom full-length desk is made from the highest quality Scandinavian pine wood and so is built to last.
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