It’s a conversation that begins with a sigh. As a parent you’ve done your best. The move from nursery to first proper bed was seamless wasn’t it? You’ve created a space. A bedroom. Somewhere to sleep and put stuff. Bed – check. Storage – check. If you’re lucky somewhere to play – check. Themed bedding and curtains – check. But why does it look as if a tornado has visited? Why don’t the kids spend more time in their room?


A kid’s bedroom to be proud of


Now they’re growing. They need a different type of space. They want to spend time in their room. We want them to spend time in their rooms. They want a space to play, create, relax, learn. Have friends over. Somewhere cool, to be proud of. Gulp…


So it’s time to seize the day. To create a modern space with cool products. Somewhere flexible to develop as they grow. A space customised to our child’s personality.




An Instagram bedroom?

You look at a few websites. You checkout Pinterest and Instagram. Lifestyle shots showing perfect rooms, great products, creative designs. Clean and tidy, vast amounts of space, kids sitting happily doing productive stuff.


All this looks great. Where’s the ‘Buy Now’ button to get the job done? Furniture, fittings, fabrics and accessories to get the look.


But it doesn’t work like that for many of us. We may not have the space. We may not have the budget. And we probably don’t have the time, DIY talent (or interest).


Loft bed, bunk bed or mid sleeper?


We ask our children. It is their room and we want to do the best we can. We discuss the relatives merits of loft bed versus midsleeper. But what about sleepovers? Should we go for bunk beds then? But someone at school has just got a double bed. Does a small person need a big bed? A space for gym moves, Jujitsu practice and somewhere to make cool stuff. Can I have a science lab? Somewhere private – a den please...


Helping you to create a quality space for your child’s bedroom


Need help with a lot of these options and questions? We did. At HUDEL LIVING we are parents who faced all of the above dilemmas. We understand the problems and we can deliver creative and practical solutions.


We started out 16 years ago by designing and making custom themed beds based on children’s interest but combined with a parent’s need for quality and value.


We then developed ways of customising sizes to get the best out of small and awkward spaces, such as box rooms and attic rooms.


We’ve since brought together some amazing products from suppliers who share our passion. We’ve also also developed our own range of custom bed systems and accessories. And helping bringing this together we now have a team of talented designers.


So how can we help?


Two customer dilemmas, two creative solutions.


“My 12 year old’s room needs a revamp. She wants something modern and a bit more grown up. She loves her room but it needs to work better for her.”

We help with room layout and getting the best out of the space.  Our NOOK loft bed and a creative workstation below, provides a more flexible environment to support a budding passion in costume design.


Making the best of floor space allows for gym and dance moves and our panel wall system creates flexible space for storage and personalised display. Scandi-style accessories bring the room to life.

“My 8 year old wants more privacy. She shares a room with her younger sister. They’re in bunks but there is space for separate singles.”

Our new den bed, supplied with custom fabrics and flexible panelling system, is perfect to create a private look and feel. Accessory packs including shelves, pegs and magnets allow the space to be fully personalised. Privacy and peace are restored.



If you’ve got a project you need a hand with then please get in touch.