There are so many ideas out there for ways to decorate your child's room and there are so many different factors within life that can influence both parents and children during this decision-making process. Family and friends, hobbies and interests and even a favourite colour can all mould the decor of the space in some way. In this blog we detail just some of the factors that influence a child’s bedroom from both the child’s point of view and your own as the parent or guardian.   




Kids are very easily influenced, the smallest thing can trigger a child’s wild imagination. Seeing is believing for children and that can become evident when allowing them to take the reins on their bedroom decor. Their favourite colour will soon be the colour of every item in the room just because they like it, their favourite animal is guaranteed to make at least one appearance and the character from their favourite movie or television programme will likely have a part to play in the decoration of your little ones bedroom too.


Friends & Family


How their friends’ rooms look can also become an influential factor when it comes to deciding how they may want their own room to look. Along with this, if they have older siblings this can also become a deciding factor, as it’s likely they will look up to their brother or sister and take inspiration from the styles that they have in their bedrooms. Taking inspiration from friends and family is natural in childhood, but it’s also important that the child expresses their individuality throughout their room decor too.


Hobbies & Interests


The biggest influence on a child is the things that interest them most, whether that be cowboys and indians, space, sport, superheroes, a particular TV show, animals, colours, themes, the list goes on -  these things can soon become a big part of their life. Decorating their room with such big ideas can make for a difficult negotiation process. At the end of the day kids want their rooms to be full of fun things to do and look at. Quirky additions such as funky patterns and bright colours, cushions, mountains of toys to play with and a big space to do it in.





As a parent, the first thing you may look at is how you can fully optimise the space that you have to work with. Visualising where the bed would go, where you would fit shelves and storage spaces and even details down to the type of light fittings you would like to include in the space. Keeping your child’s room fairly neutral and well lit is often the best idea to create a space that can be changed and adapted as they grow, using accents and accessories to bring personality to the room, rather than having to redecorate year after year.  


The colour of the room is often the most difficult aspect to agree on with a child. As an adult viewing things more practically, keeping it a crisp white will help the room to stand the test of time, as it allows for different colours to be added, artwork to be hung and doesn’t limit the space to one specific colour scheme. We all know how fickle children can be, so leaving the room open to adaptation at any time is key. Your child on the other hand will likely have a bold and vibrant colour in mind, which can be very restrictive in terms of the colour pallet you can explore in the room in future and even make it look a little too busy. Try to compromise by adding lots of accents and perhaps even a feature wall in their desired colour.


Key furniture pieces are always at the top of a parents list when it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom, especially if they are in school. Having a desk and somewhere to do their homework will definitely come in handy as they start to get older and need more space to concentrate away from the hustle and bustle of a busy household. Here at HUDEL Living, we have some great desks that fit perfectly with our custom beds allowing for a designated work space that fits seamlessly into your child's room.





Furniture is another factor that can easily be influenced by both sides. Parents often want to purchase furniture that will last throughout their kid’s entire childhood, while the kids themselves want extravagant bunk beds and tree swings. HUDEL Living have the answer to this with our custom bed selection, from bunk beds, loft beds and single beds to choose from. Our beds offer a fun alternative to a standard bed for your child, that can be fully customised to fit specifically in your space and is built to last.


Another key element parents tend to steer towards is storage and plenty of it. Children have a lot of clothes and everywhere you look you’ll see a toy or two, so having the right amount of storage will help to keep the space clean and tidy. Children don’t tend to notice storage space as it isn’t really at the top of their list for their bedrooms, but as they get older it will help them stay organised. HUDEL Living provide a great selection of storage options guaranteed to do the job, with various colours to choose from so you can create as blank canvas, modern feel or add a pop of colour to the room. Our storage options can be incorporated into bigger furniture pieces such as the bed too, to save on space.





It’s difficult to put children into a single mould, as they all have different interests and are influenced by so many tiny things. One day your child will want to be an astronaut, and the next they’ll be telling you they want to be a scientist. Kids are so unpredictable and this is why creating a blank canvas with your furniture allows you to get creative with lots of other details such as, lighting, accessories, rugs, cushions, bedding and much more. Here at HUDEL Living all our furniture is modern in style, with clean white finish options to allow your imagination to go wild with the rest of the decor. Shop the full HUDEL range today.