About Us

What we do

HUDEL LIVING is a UK retailer of home furniture, specialising in children’s bedrooms and custom size children’s beds. We bring together great products, imagination and personality through our ‘HUDEL’ of suppliers, designers, creators and makers. We are passionate about customisation and how this can help people adapt and personalise their spaces.

We offer products only, products and assembly or a full design and installation service.  

Delivery throughout the UK (excluding the Highlands of Scotland) is free of charge.

Who we are

HUDEL LIVING was formed by lifelong friends Colin Ibberson and Phil Marsh. 

Colin has been providing custom products and services in the children’s furniture sector for over 16 years.. This story began when his son wanted a racing car bed. Fast, sleek, red and with all the livery. None were found that matched such an exacting customer. Not giving up Colin took to his workshop and made one. The customer was happy. In the days before social media it was through the school yard that word spread of this ‘Dad who made cool beds‘. Soon there were calls for tree houses, castles, boats and buses to name but a few - Kiddiebeds was born. Then came the calls for furniture for small rooms and awkward spaces and so Box Room Beds followed.  

The secret‘s to Colin’s success? ‘It’s quite simple really. I listen to the customer. I enjoy solving problems for people and giving a great experience. Plus any excuse to get into the workshop’.

Phil has spent many years working with talented designers and makers to create inspiring and award winning spaces - for living, learning, working and play. He has a long held interest in behaviour and the effect of product and spatial design. This interest was put to the test when faced with his daughters rooms. Trying to match their eclectic range of interests with customised products and limited space proved more challenging than some of the buildings he’d commissioned. Drum kits, space for routines, clothes designing, music, a den...  Oh and somewhere to sleep. And store stuff. Lots of stuff. All in the smallest rooms in the house.

So why HUDEL LIVING? ‘My working life has been spent bringing together talented people to solve problems and create great products, spaces and experiences. It‘s what I enjoy - creating a HUDEL’.

Our talented designers 

HUDEL LIVING are very excited to be working with an amazing design studio as part of our HUDEL. Design North specialise in the relationship between behaviour, space and design. Working in housing, retail, commercial, education, leisure, health and care gives them a great range to test their talents.  Directors and co-owners Jacqui Martin and Scott Stewart bring expertise in spatial planning. interior architecture and product design. Both are passionate about the importance of users and their behaviours in the role of good design.

’We love the idea of customised spaces and products which respond to a users personality and needs. Working with HUDEL LIVING is a natural fit for us’.

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